Şeyma Asker

Born in Istanbul in 1990, Şeyma Asker was graduated from the Department of Computer Science at Trakya University in 2013 and from the Department of Management Information Systems of the Faculty of Engineering at Ahmet Yesevi University in 2017. Having acted as a coordinator for the “Istanbul: Treatment Centre for the Middle East” Project implemented by the support projects of Istanbul Development Agency, ASKER assumed the role of the general secretary for the International Arabic Language Competitions between 2010 and 2013. ASKER is currently involved in the organisation committee for the International Arabic Language Competitions and has been working as the publishing manager for Akdem Publishing since 2013. Having assumed an effictive role in the establishment of Akdem Copyrights and Akdem Translation Agency in 2018, ASKER is currently acting as the coordinator for this agency. Şeyma ASKER is involved in the coordination team for Istanbul Fellowship Program and has research studies in the field of Arabic Children’s Literature.