Akdem Publications
Founded in 2010, within Akdemistanbul, Akdem Publications is an enterprise engaged in thematic broadcasting in Arabic teaching and teaching Turkish to foreigners in Turkey. Akdem Publications, aiming the structuring of Arabic language teaching publication on a quality in Turkey, gains publications that are a first in their fields with a large staff of writers, editors and design team to the publication life.

Many textbooks and supplementary resources taught from elementary schools to universities in private and public fields as well as Public Education Centers, Continuing Education Centers and Vocational Courses where Arabic teaching is made in Turkey meet their readers through Akdem Publications.

Akdem Publishing has distribution rights of the Arabic teaching sets of publishing houses in many Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Jordan.

Akdem Publications, which has important publication works regarding the Turkish teaching for guests who come from Arab countries to Turkey and numbering over five million, provides new works in this field every day.

The Arabic Model Language Education Library for Schools is a prominent work of our publishing house which actively participates in organizations of Arabic Teaching Publications, Arabic Teaching Book Fairs of different publishers from abroad.

Akdem Publications, where works in the field of Islam Culture and Religious Studies are published, grows every day in the consultancy of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ağırakça and with a quality staff and team spirit.

Our works, found in the exclusive bookstore shelves in Turkey's 81 provinces are also available at with the options of credit card and payment at door, up to 25% special discounts. Our publishing house also offers special discounting options for schools and educational institutions for wholesale purchase. Our publication house is a member of Turkey Printing Publication Vocational Association and also actively supports the Fight Against Piracy activities of our vocational association; contributes to the issues of improvement of publication sector of our country and advancing the relations with Arab world by being present in the association management.

Akdem Store
In recent years, developments in the field of Arabic education in Turkey and the Arab population of five million has significantly increased the interest to Arabic resources. Developed by Akdem Publications and being the first in its field in Turkey, "Akdem Store" project brings the works of hundreds of Arab publisher to readers. Akdem Store attracted attention by Arabic loving Turks and reader Arab population. There are thousands of Arabic works in 19 categories ranging from politics to literature, history to geography, Arabic and Turkish language education, and from children's books to personal development books in the project where the works of leading publishing houses of the Arab world are offered for sale from countries like Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.
In the project that was initiated to support resource problems of students who ate studying Arabic in Turkey and also to meet the Arabic book needs of Arab population in our country, almost all kinds of works other than classical religious and literary resources are available. Although there are institutions that provide service in Turkey for long years on accessing classical resources, the project continues to increase the number of books in the portfolio which started due to reasons such as absence of Arabic books in modern literature, politics, arts, culture, children's and foreign language teaching, difficulty in accessing Arabic versions of modern period world literature works.
Akdem Store, expected to add a new excitement publishing sector, starts as a project of Akdemistanbul Language Education Institutions hosting the largest Arabic language education center of Turkey. Akdem Store, which will serve as a brand of Akdem Publications which is a pioneer publishing house in the field of Arabic and Turkish Language Teaching, offers online, retail and wholesale orders to its customers.