Institutional Education

Arabic Institutional Training Services are offered by our institution in the classes that are specially created by institutions in their own chosen time and place in order to offer solutions to Arabic education demands that public and private schools, companies, religious education institutions and associations and foundations want to realize in their own structures.

Our trainings aiming at carrying over the quality of education of Akdemistanbul Language Center to different instutions continue with increasing demand in Istanbul every day. Our institutional trainings, carried out by plenty of practices and activities through the "without intermediary language" education method, show that Arabic is a language can be learned while having fun.

Our institution, which provides human resources in different course hours determined by the demand from the institutions, follows the courses regularly through an academic coordinator on the field and finds solutions to possible problems that may be experienced by immediate and on-site intervention. In our instutional trainings where different curricula are followed according to different age groups, common exams and activities are organized and the language learning process of the students are reported to the institutions at certain periods.

Akdemistanbul provides services at more than thirty points throughout Istanbul, for about two thousand students. Thus, students who cannot attend the classes in our branches can also be offered the same quality of services with our expert and experienced training staff.