Serving since 2009, Akdemistanbul Language Center, is among the leading institutions in Turkey regarding teaching Arabic. Our institution, which holds the investment made to people above all else and determined to provide the most quality service in the field by way of “One language, one person”, provides service to a wide variety with the institutional training performed in many districts of Istanbul. 

In our institution, which continues trainings with the slogan “Like a native speaker...”, foreign language trainings are given according to “without intermediary language” education method. Moreover courses are taught with communicative methods and student-centered activities supported by technological facilities. Akdemistanbul, aiming to bring the four basic skills of language to the students is a language education center where students learn language with pleasure within and out of the classroom

Language education in Akdemistanbul is provided in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference Standards (CEFR). Our lessons are given without intermediary language. In this sense, starting from the very first level Arabic is the only language used in our classes which students from all around the world attend. 

Akdemistanbul Language Center offers online and face to face Arabic courses. These courses are offered under three main headings:

•General Arabic,
•Advanced Arabic
•Professional Arabic. 

Our general Arabic education consists of 12 levels. Each level covers 72 hours (in total 864 hours) and the duration of each lesson is 45 minutes. At the end of our 864-hour effective lessons, students are expected to have a knowledge of Arabic at B2 level. Our courses are based on five basic skills of language: reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar. 

Before starting the course, student candidates take placement test in order to determine their level of Arabic and join the suitable level. Moreover, at the end of the course we carry out an exam that covers reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as an assessment. 

We offer free offline 12 hours-Arabic writing and reading training lesson recordings for student candidades in the starter level who don’t know the Arabic alphabet. In addition, our students are offered the opportunity to watch lesson records of all courses they have attended as many times they want.  

Advanced Arabic education is recommended for graduate and doctoral students. In accordance with the student’s desire we can also create a private group or offer private lessons. There are more than 60 teachers who teach Arabic lessons in our institution and our teachers are from different Arab countries such as Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Algeria and Egypt. For private lessons, if it is desired, male / female teachers can be preferred.

Our general Arabic education consists of 12 courses. A total of 840 hours of language training is offered for 70 hours per course. Our course education is given over five main courses:
  • •Arabic Practice
  • •Arabic Listening
  • •Reading and Understanding Arabic Text
  • •Arabic Orthography (Composition)
  • •Arabic Grammar
Our student candidates who want to study in Arabic take part in the free placement exam prepared by our institution and the level is determined by oral exam after the written exam.
We offer 12 hours of free offline Arabic writing and reading training lesson recordings for our student candidates in starter level in who do not know the Arabic alphabet.

In the general Arabic education, our wide range of publications prepared in our publishing unit in our institution are being taught by considering the characteristics of the masses of different age groups according to the course types.
Our institution provides intensive Arabic trainings every year in mid-term breaks and summer holidays. Arabic Practice, Text, Grammar, Listening, Composition, Translation Techniques and Classical Text Reading courses ensures the best way to spend the holidays of high school and university students.

Enjoy your summer with us 

 Akdemistanbul offers two different packages of programs for the summer period:

First Program
4 Weeks
21st June- 16th July
Lessons are given in six days of the week (from Monday to Saturday).
Duration of  each lesson is 6 hours (in total 144 study hours).




What’s included in the fee?
For Groups
Education (144 study hours)
Airport pickup and transfer services
Accommodation (breakfast included)
Training Materials
Course Certificate
2 tours (food included)


For Individuals
Education (144 study hours)
Accommodation (breakfast included)
Course Certificate


Second Program
6 Weeks
26th July- 4th September
Lessons are given in six days of the week (from Monday to Saturday).
Duration of  each lesson is 6 hours (in total 216 study hours).



What’s included in the fee?
For Groups
Education (216 study hours)
Airport pickup and transfer services
Accommodation (breakfast included)
Training Materials
Course Certificate
2 touristic tours (foods included)
For Individuals
Education (216 study hours)
Accommodation (breakfast included)
Course Certificate
Advanced Arabic education is recommended for graduate and PhD students in the field of theology and Arabic language, including students who complete 12-course general Arabic programs. Our advanced Arabic education courses consist of Arabic YDS, Arabic Translation Techniques, Media Arabic, Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation, Listening Translation and Arabic Teacher Training Program.
I) Arabic YDS and YOKDİL Trainings
Arabic YDS and YOKDİL trainings are given to public employees who want to benefit more from foreign language compensation and to those who aim to have Arabic accumulation in academic level.

In the trainings, we focus on the question-solving techniques, the key points of exam questions, sample question solving, Arabic words, idioms and sentences which are frequently used in examinations by our expert teachers.

The program, which is organized in two separate periods a year, consists of a total of 120 class hours on weekends and weekdays.

II) Arabic Translation Techniques Trainings
The Translation Techniques course addresses Arabic language students who have reached middle-to-upper level. It is assumed that students at this level know general grammar rules. The translation examples used in lessons follow a course with increasing difficulty, from simple sentences to compound sentences. In these lessons, translations from Arabic to Turkish can be done as well as simple translation performances or Turkish to Arabic translation can be performed. It is aimed to grasp the logic of both languages by the trainees. Lessons show how to convey the meaning that is intended to be given, rather than a direct translation.

These courses are attended by trainees who want to move their language level to the upper levels and who want to get advanced points in YDS and YOKDİL examinations.

III) Media Arabic Education
The Media Arabic course addresses students who have reached middle-to-upper level in Arabic education. It is assumed that students at this level have a certain level of reading, writing and understanding skills of the language.
Our courses are based on Arabic texts with terminology in the social, cultural, political and economic fields in current news texts. The language of the course where the press texts are processed is Arabic. In addition to the courses made in Arabic, some terms are given Turkish equivalents and media terms are explained.
In the courses, besides reading and analyzing the text, it is aimed to gain the writing skills such as gradually determining the headlines, writing the short news texts. 

IV) Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation Courses 
Recently, Turkey has been receiving many Arab visitors and tourits from all around the world. Moreover variety of events such as conferences, symposiums and panels with  Arab particiants have been taking place in Turkey. Therefore the need for Arabic translators has been growing.

In order to educate translator candiates for such events, Akdemistanbul launched its Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation Courses to serve in media platforms and various events or accompany Arab visitors via consecutive translation. Sstudents with intermediary Arabic knowledge can join this course and advance themselves in simultaneous and consecutive translation.

Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation Couses offers 60 hours of classes each for the two main translation techniques.

V) Arabic Listening-Translation Trainings 
The development of simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation skills and to become a qualified interpreter depend on the development of "listening" skills. A language cannot be learned only through reading and writing without exposure to language and listening to dialogues and texts in that language. Language training cannot be provided only through grammar and reading and writing. Therefore, in Akdemistanbul, four basic language skills are developed equally and those who want to become interpreters and those who want to become translators in the field of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation are intensely provided with listening-translation courses.

In these courses, audio and visual materials related to all fields of life are offered from easy text to difficult texts, especially news videos are listened, and various exercises related to them are performed, so, trainees are supported to acquire knowledge by listening, to be fully exposed to that language through listening and thus to become the top quality interpreters of the market. Trainings have been planned as 60 hours.

VI) Classical Text Readings
Arabic literature is very deep in terms of its history and is a very rich literature in terms of the products it revealed. The Arabic poetry tradition, which started after Jahiliyyah and also continued after Islam, is a depth in itself.

Our course "Classical Text Readings" reads and reviews the texts of sciences such as tafsir, hadith, fiqh and kalam, that are the main sources of Islam, and also examines other literary texts, especially Arabic poetry which brings rhetoric into the forefront. Those who want to have a grasp of the richness of Arabic and also to get the pleasure of studying the texts of the classical period embroidered with literary arts are recommended to attend the” Classical Text Readings“ course.

Our courses are provided at two levels and have been planned as a total of 120 hours, 60 hours for each level.

VII) Arabic Practical Trainings 
A program only for the speaking and listening skills of the language is applied in Arabic Practical trainings organized for the students receiving training at least 5 course levels in Akdemistanbul Language Education Institutions.

Trainings consisting of two separate stages as intermediate and advanced level have been planned as 60 hours for each of them. The completion of minimum 8 courses is required for Advanced Level Arabic Practical Trainings

VIII) Arabic Teacher Improvement Programs 
Arabic Teacher Improvement Programs is a training package that involves intensive field applications for Arabic teachers who are currently teaching in primary and secondary education institutions to teach in a more qualified way. Some theoretical topics in which the philosophy of language teaching are discussed, as well as Arabic teaching methodology, are also covered in these courses. In particular, the content of the program has been designed by taking into consideration the difficulties in the field experienced by the teachers who graduated from Faculty of Theology and Arabic Language Literature but who did not receive Arabic Language Training Formation training.

Teacher development programs provided at two different levels involve a total of 150 hours of training. General Teaching Methods, Educational Technologies, Exam Preparation Trainings, Classroom Activity Applications, and Special Teaching Methods trainings are offered in these trainings organized within the Arabic teacher academy.
Arabic Institutional Training Services are offered by our institution in the classes that are specially created by institutions in their own chosen time and place, in order to offer solutions to Arabic education demands that public and private schools, companies, religious education institutions and associations and foundations want to realize in their own structures.
Our trainings aiming at carrying over the quality of education of Akdemistanbul Language Center to different institutions continue with increasing demand in Istanbul every day. Our institutional trainings, practiced with plenty of practicality and plenty of activity through the "without intermediary language" education method, show that Arabic is a language can be learned while having fun. Our institution, which provides human resources in different course hours determined by the demand from the institutions, follows the courses regularly through an academic coordinator on the field and finds solutions to the possible problems that may be experienced by immediate and on-site intervention. In our institutional trainings where different curricula are followed according to different age groups, common exams and activities are organized and the language learning process of the students is reported to the institutions at certain periods. Akdemistanbul provides services at more than thirty points throughout Istanbul, for about two thousand students. Thus, students who cannot attend the classes in our branches can also be offered the same quality of service with our expert and experienced training staff.
AkdemIstanbul Language Center offers lessons given by academics with a high degree of experience, and the courses take 4 years with around 2800 hours of lessons. AkdemIstanbul Language Institute offers training in the form of “one year preparation, three years specialization” in the courses where four-year program similar to the undergraduate programs in Arabic is applied. In the courses where high school graduates are accepted, a “Placement Test” is carried out in the four basic skills of the language for those who previously have Arabic infrastructure, and the placement is made according to the level of students’ readiness.

The Arabic Translation and Interpretation Program within the Language Center consists of a three-year undergraduate level Arabic program after 720 hours of Arabic Preparatory class training in the first year. Within the program, 720 hours of Arabic preparatory education is implemented through 10 levels (72 hours for each level). In addition to Arabic Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills, the courses also offer the basic level of Arabic Grammar Training. Students who successfully complete the preparatory class can continue their three-year Arabic Translation and Interpretation specialization training at AkdemIstanbul Language Institute. Specialized trainings are carried out in the form of undergraduate programs according to a 14 week and two-semester academic calendar

Receiving 2,016 hours of Education in 48 separate courses in three years, the students receive a total of 2,736 hours of Arabic language education in the four-year institute program along with their preparation year education. At the end of the four-year program, the students who receive the certificate of graduation from AkdemIstanbul Language Center are expected to be at C2.1 level. Since 2009, over 500 students have graduated from the Arabic Translation and Interpretation program. The graduates of the program have been able to find employment opportunities in different sectors, especially in the education sector as a teacher and as an ‘academic advisor’. Moreover they can take part in all areas where Arabic translation is needed. AkdemIstanbul Language Center offers a good infrastructure for many sectors such as media, translation, tourism, importation and exportation as well as the academic area.
  • Practical Arabic
  • Arabic Text
  • Arabic Grammar
  • Arabic Conjugation
  • Listening and Comprehension in Arabic
  • Arabic Press Publication Texts
  • Translation Techniques and Applications
  • Arabic Literature
  • Arabic Composition
  • Arabic-Turkish Listening Translation
  • Arabic-Turkish Consecutive Interpreting
  • Arabic Teaching Methods
  • Arabic Dialects
  • Arabic Rhetoric
  • Classical Texts in Arabic
  • Arabic Language Literature
  • Arabic-Turkish Simultaneous Translation
* Please contact us for the date of courses.

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Adress   :  Akşemsettin Mah. Akdeniz Cad. No:99-101 Fatih, Istanbul. TURKEY 34080
Phone    :  +90 542336019 / +90 5423205012
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