Why Learn Arabic in Istanbul

1. Arabic Speaking Teachers
Akdemistanbul employs over 60 Arabic-speaking teachers in its teaching staff.
2. Expert Teachers Qualified to Teach Arabic to Non-Native Speakers
The teachers working in Akdemistanbul are experts in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. They are qualified and trained through a set of qualifying courses held by the Training Center for Instructors of the academy.
3. Modern Teaching Techniques
The courses are taught with communicative method in which creates an interactive student-centered atmosphere. Our main goal is to improve students' four basic skills of language.
4. Diverse Edducation Programs
Our institution offers educational programs that meet both general and specific needs of Arabic learning, in terms of this it is possible to seperate our programs into two main part:
Communicative Arabic Programs
The goal of these programs are to teach student how to  deal with daily conversations which are related to personal needs. The students attending these programs can  reach up to the level B1.
• Arabic for Special Purposes
These programs cover a highly diverse subjects such as translation, media and classical Arabic. In order to attend this program a student must have a certain level of Arabic.
5. Language Partners
Akdemistanbul provides the advantage of language partners for students. Together with the directions of class teacher, students get a chance to exchange language, develop their language skills through face to face interaction.
6. The Arab Environment Available in Istanbul
More than one million residents of Arab communities live in Istanbul, especially in the Fatih district where the academy is located. Furthermore,many Arab shops and restaurants are also located in this district. Therefore, we also offer an  ideal environment for interaction with the native speakers.
7. Historical and Cultural Sights of Istanbul
Istanbul is home to lots of famous historical and cultural sights. Together with language education Akdemistanbul also offers a cultural trips that help students to gain deep knowldege about culture, history and language.