Our Instructors

The most important element of an institution is surely teachers who are the most important factors in reaching the information. Our teachers constitute the basic building blocks of our education system. The knowledge and experience of our teachers is essential to deliver the system in a healthy way.
Our Arabic Instructors:
A large part of our teaching staff consists of teachers who come from countries such as Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq and are experts in their fields and highly experienced. Other teachers are also very experienced trainers who come from Turkey and have been trained abroad.
Our Turkish Instructors:
Our teaching staff giving Turkish courses for foreigners consists of teachers who are experts in their fields and experienced. These teachers give priority to offer a curriculum that responds to practical needs in daily life rather than "grammar" rules for those who have come to our country as a guest and want to learn Turkish.
Teacher candidates send their CVs to our institution, then the candidates whose CVs are considered eligible are invited to the interview, and if they are considered suitable, they are asked to conduct a trial course. Our teachers, who succeed in trial courses, follow the courses of our experienced teachers, and they are involved in Akdemistanbul family by attending our in-service training programs.