Akdemistanbul, which has proven itself with the success in the Arabic language education, continues this success in the Turkish language education for foreigners. The most important characteristic of the Turkish language education in Akdemistanbul is that the courses are based on abundant practice and effectiveness rather than strangling with the subjects of language knowledge. Teachers transfer the linguistic information as necessary by providing dozens of sentence patterns and dialogues to the student. Practices are made in the classes regarding each subject, the trainees are encouraged to make sentences, and are given in the context of dialogues.
In Akdemistanbul, general Turkish education is given in total of 8 courses consisting of 72 hours each. In our Turkish courses where the courses are fun and enjoyable, "SEVEN CLIMATE" Turkish Education Set, which is prepared by Yunus Emre Institute and practiced in many Turkish teaching centers around the world is used. Our trainee candidates who want to study in Turkish take part in the free placement exam prepared by our institution and the level is determined by oral exam after the written exam. Class and non-class activities have an important place in our curriculums where a large number of mid-term exams are applied during the curriculum. If the course attendance rate is 70% for the students who have failed the course completion exams, the same course is offered free of charge.
For the foreign students to be placed in a university in Turkey, they have to be successful in YÖS exam consisting of mathematics, logic and intelligence questions besides Turkish proficiency. YÖS (Foreign Student Exam) courses for foreign students who want to enter into university in Turkey are provided with 300 hours of training within our institution since 2013. Akdemistanbul, preparing foreign students to university exams in Turkey with expert teaching staff, has contributed to placement of many foreign students into quality universities in Turkey.
Because of the adverse conditions in their countries, Arabian guests who have to take refuge in Turkey continue their education in the formal education institutions of our country. Arabian students who share the same classroom with Turkish students have the problem of using and understanding Turkish in the classroom environment. This failure is reflected in the exam grades of the students, and the families are also in search of extra courses against this situation. As Akdemistanbul, weekday and weekend study programs provide extra trainings to the students in question; we are helping the students in their studies, especially with Turkish language.
To the institutions providing service with foreign national employees and demanding Turkish language education for these employees, to education institutions with foreign students and trainee groups wanting Turkish language education, Turkish language education opportunity is provided in specially formed classes in classes and time periods of their choosing. Our institutional education, practiced through "non-mediating language education" method and abundant practice activities, shows that Turkish is a language learned while having fun. Our institution, which provides human resources in different course hours determined by the demand from the institutions, follows the courses regularly through an academic coordinator and finds solutions to the possible problems that may be experienced by immediate and on-site intervention. In addition, we can provide a report to the institutions we serve with the desired intervals about the course of education.
In recent years, with the increase of Turkey's popularity in the eyes of Middle Eastern countries, a huge interest has been formed towards to Turkey, and Istanbul in particular. Tourists are offered Turkish language packages with a program they can both tour and learn language by our institution for those who want to learn Turkish besides touring Istanbul by visiting at certain periods of the year.
Akdemistanbul, that successfully continues its online Arabic language educations, has also started Online Turkish Language Educations based on the demands from the students who cannot find an opportunity to go to a course, live outside of Istanbul or Turkey and have no proper language course in their surroundings, but who want to learn Turkish in a kind of way. 
Those who cannot find time to go to a language course to learn Turkish and those who want to learn Turkish at more affordable prices can benefit from these educations no matter where they live.