About us

Akdemistanbul Language Center is founded by Dr. Ahmet Ağırakça and it has been serving since May 2009 in the province of Fatih, Istanbul.

Private Akdemistanbul Language Center is affiliated with the Ministry of National Education and it is the largest language education center in Turkey -with the number of students and teachers-  in the field of teaching  Arabic and Turkish to foreigners.
Our institution offers Turkish language education for foreigners, Arabic-Turkish supported study programs as a reinforcement to school courses for Arabic students studying in state schools and extra trainings for the YOS (Foreign Student Examination) which is an entrance exam for those who want to study at a University in Turkey.
Akdem Publishing which was founded within Akdemistanbul is an institution engaged in thematic publications in the fields of Teaching Arabic and Teaching Turkish to foreigners in Turkey. It has become prominent in the publication world through its publishing policy and the way that it approaches to the language training. Performing the sales and distribution operations of the publications worldwide in the field of Arabic Education with the brand of  Akdemstore, Akdemistanbul meets the wholesale and retail book needs of the Arabic population living in Turkey.
Akdemistanbul played a leading role in the establishment of Akademi Linguistic and Scientific Research Association (Akademi Association) which is founded in order to carry out civic studies in the field of language and to contribute to collective Arabic teaching. Akademi Linguistic and Scientific Research Association has pioneered in the field of language in the thematic civil society organizations in Turkey. In this context International Arabic Competitions among Imam Hatip Schools, Improvement of Arabic Teaching Symposium, In-Service Arabic Education for Teachers, Arabic Teaching Methods Seminars,Consultancy Services for Arabic Language Education in Public Institutions, Consultancy Services to Arabic Project Schools and Al-Lisaniyyat Journal of Linguistics and Discourse Analysis are carried out by the Akademi Association together with its stakeholders.
With the slogan "Like a native speaker..." , Akdemistanbul Language Center - a Turkish brand in language teaching- welcomes you to its warm environment and to an enjoyable language journey.