Akdemistanbul International Office provides services for foreign students who want to study in Turkey, YOS courses and International Collaborations.
Considering the increasing demand for Turkish Language and YOS courses, Akdemistanbul Language Center has launched a new department to help foreign students who wish to complete their Bachelor or Master studies in Turkey.

The main functions of Akdemistanbul Student Services are to guide foreign students who come to Turkey for educational reasons, to form partnership with private universities and inform the students about these universities and to offer the best possible universities choices to the students before their arrival to the country.

Akdemistanbul Student Services also prepares educational seminars and gives brief information about studying in Turkey for the students who already enrolled in Turkish high schools or who wish to continue their studies in Turkey. Akdemistanbul Student Services collaborates with more than 40 counseling services all around the world and promotes the Turkish educational system in an efficient way in other countries
Services offered by Akdemistanbul Student Services :
♦Get in touch directly with the student through social media channels or through our strategic partners in the countries where the students live
♦Help the student to choose the appropriate university that he / she wants to attend
♦Ensuring the admission of student  to the university
♦Giving acceptance letter in order to help the student gets the visa
♦Providing all necessary information in accordance with the student requests
♦Tracking the university files
♦Translating the required documents
♦Providing students the chance to complete their studies and graduate from a Turkish University
♦Preparing students who would like to apply for state universities for the YÖS exam
♦Preparing the students for TOMER exam if it is required by the University
Our local partners are also always ready to help you with:
♦Reception from the airport
♦Setting the appropriate residence
♦Getting a residence permission for the student
♦Receiving tax number
♦Health insurance
♦Opening a bank account
♦Provide the transportation card
♦Organizing a cultural- touristic tours
♦Organizing tours in order to meet the region where the student will stay and study.

Why register university with Akdemistanbul?
 Akdemistanbul which see transparency, accuracy, professional work and the safe environment as the main principles is an educational institution licensed by the State.
♦ It has experience in education for more than 10 years.
♦ It has a reputation in Turkey under the direction and supervision of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ağırakca President of Mardin State University.
♦ Akdemistanbul provides admission to Turkish universities as well as Turkish language courses and YÖS courses.
♦ Akdemistanbul carries all the works out in an efficient and fast way.
♦Staff of Akdemistanbul always ready to meet students' demands.
Why study in Turkey?
 Turkey is one of the countries that brought together the Eastern and Western civilizations. Studying in Turkey is characterized by its low wages due to the support of the state for the education sector in order to raise the percentage of university graduates. In addition, the Turkish universities are distinguished by the quality of their education and international standards. Moreover, the certificates granted by the universities of Turkey are internationally recognized.

Contact Information
E-mail:                  rim.jelassi@akdemistanbul.com.tr
Phone Number:  +90 553 406 99 97
"YOS" is the abbreviation of "Yabancı uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı" (International Students Exam). It is an exam for foreign students who have a secondary education certificate from outside of Turkey.
 Most of the Turkish Universities request from the student to present the YOS result document in order accept them within their programs. Furthermore, some universities recognize only the exam that they are conducting and some others recognize the exams of other universities. In this sense the requirements of each universty must be checked carefully.

The registration for the YOS is between February and March, and as for the exams they take place between April and May.
The exam consists of four main sections:
1. Mathematics (Department of Algebra)
2. Mathematics (Engineering Department)
3. Mathematics (Linguistics and Problem Solving)
4. Intelligence section and IQ questions
Akdem has more than five years experience in preparing students for YOS. Our staffs are teachers specialized in teaching mathematics (graduates of the Faculty of Science - Mathematics Department). YOS courses in Akdemistanbul is given both online (300 hours) and face-to-face (400 hours).

The courses are scheduled according to demands of the students on between May-December. Arabic is used as an intermediary language in these courses. Furthermore, if it is demanded by a group of student, these courses can be given by English speaking teachers as well.
In Akdem YOS courses, mainly Metropol curriculum is used. However our students are also given books from diferent sources as subsidiary books and the knowledge of students is assessed by plenty of exams.
Exams provided in Akdem YOS courses: 
•♦Test at the end of each lesson in all of the four sections.
•♦Comprehensive tests for every three units completed.
•♦Comprehensive tests in a certain number of units, including all four sections.
•♦Comprehensive testing of the entire curriculum after completing it, and it is similar to universities examinations.

 Please contact us for the details of courses.

Contact Information

Adress   :  Akşemsettin Mah. Akdeniz Cad. No:99-101 Fatih, Istanbul. TURKEY 34080
Phone    :  +90 542336019 / +90 5423205012
E- Mail   :  int@akdemistanbul.com.tr               
Website :  akdemistanbul.com.tr


Courses Time Table

Akdemistanbul started its market penetration through contracting with strategical partners all around the world.
 If you are interested in being one of our strategical partners please contact with us.

Contact Information
E-mail:                  rim.jelassi@akdemistanbul.com.tr
Phone Number:  +90 553 406 99 97