Kazım Ağcakaya

He was born in Kayseri in 1963. He completed his elementary, secondary and university education in Kayseri. He was graduated from the Faculty of Theology at Erciyes University in 1988. His first place job was at Sarıyer Imam Hatip High School in Istanbul. He worked there for 23 years and then went to Istanbul Imam Hatip High School to work there for 2 years. In the year 2014, he retired from civil service after working as an Arabic language coordinator at Kartal Anatolian High School for the Preparatory Classes for 3 years. He completed his master’s degree in the science of Kalam at Marmara University. He took positions within various civil society organisations. He published copyrighted works and translated works within his field. He is currently working as the Academic Coordinator for Corporate Training Programmes at Akdemistanbul. He is married and have one child.