Doctor Kemal Bin Cafer

(Media Consultant)
Algerian Kemal Bin Cafer was born in 21.10.1982, he earned his bachelor's degree in Natural and Life Sciences in 2000. He attended the master degree of the Algerian Professors and received his undergraduate degree in 2004. He continued his postgraduate studies in the same school and received his MA in linguistics and linguistic reporting in 2009. He earned his doctoral degree from Belida 2 University within the Arabic Language Teaching Department on 16.03.2017. He received the certificate of university qualification on 28.06.2018.
He taught at the Algerian secondary schools between 2004 and 2010 and then continued to teach at the university. He has experience in teaching Arabic to foreigners in Algeria and Turkey. In addition, he was a teacher in the field of media and journalism, and worked as a writer in many newspapers in Algeria. In 2014, he was the media consultant to the Rector of Blida 2 University in Algeria. He also served as the Vice President of the French department at the same university. Dr. Kemal Bin Cafer has been working at the Faculty of Theology at Marmara University’s Arabic department in Istanbul. In addition, the professor has many articles published in scientific expert journals. Besides, he has participated in many international scientific conferences and events in Algeria, Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, Yemen, Malaysia and Turkey. Starting from the sixth edition, he joined the Akdemistanbul as an Arabic professor and a media consultant for the International Arabic Competition. And currently he is the media consultant at Akdemistanbul.