Akdemistanbul Arabic Training Center is one of the affiliated centers to Akdemistanbul Language Institution. It was operated in 2014 as a result of the high demand for Arabic education and learning by non-native speakers. Due to this increase we had the need to qualify teachers, wishing to enter the field of teaching Arabic to non-speakers, and the need to refine their teaching skills. It was therefore the necessity to establish this center. 
1. Preparation of an Arabic language teacher for non-Arabic speakers
2. Establishing a wide base of teachers specialized in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers 
3. Providing teachers who want to teach Arabic to non-native speakers the basics of teaching in this field.
4. To improve the skills of the teachers who are already working in this field
5. Raise awareness among teachers at their head and provide them with the correct methods of teaching
6. Framing a general methodology in teaching, which its impacts can be transferred to different actors since Akdemistanbul is an active center in teaching of Arabic.
The Arabic Training Center organizes training programs which aime generally to develop and increase the level of the teachers. And they’re as follow:
I. General Course Programs
The center organizes free open lectures, for a duration of two hours each. These lectures focus on the field of teaching Arabic for non-native speakers, as well as lectures concerning Arabic linguistics and its sections.
II. Training Workshop Programs
The training workshops focus on the practical aspect that benifits teachers directly while teaching Arabic in the classrooms, and usually these workshops are aimed toword one topic. Among the titles presented in the workshops we have: "Teaching non-Arabic speakers Kids", "Integrated approach when introducing the educational unit", "Activities and linguistics games for teaching Arabic for non-native speakers", and many more. 
III. Programs about extended training courses
Our center also organizes extended training courses specialized in teaching Arabic for non-native speakers. In addition, to other interresting courses for Arabic teachers. The duration of the training course consists of 30 hours, with a total of 180 hours of provided training for all the training programs. When the trainer achieve these courses successfully, he/she is given a diploma that certify him/her as an Arabic teacher for non-native speakers.
1. The methods and principles of teaching Arabic as a second language
2. Advanced skills in language teaching
3. Preparing linguistic activities and games
4. The principles for the preparation of language exams
5. Design and preparation the educational materials
6. Technical competence of the teacher.
1. Holding workshops and specialized training courses for individuals and educational institutions that wish to raise the teaching efficiency of their teachers.
2. Conducting special training courses at the request of the educational institutions and their needs related to the educational environment and the textbooks they provide.
3. To increase the verbal expression cometency for the teachers who teach Arabic to non-native speakers; this service especially targets teh Turkish Arabic teachers.
4. Provide Arabic language teachers to non-Arabic speakers for educational institutions and which would like to support their staff with qualified teachers.
5. To create teaching plans for schools and universities that wish to benefit from the services provided by the center within the following areas:
• Supervising the Arabic teachers 
• Selection of suitable training materials that match the students' needs
• Exam preparation