Akdem Copyrights and Translations Agency

Since 2018, Akdemistanbul moved forward the direction of publishing foreign books in Turkish for the enjoyment of Turkish readers with the help of its own expertise in the publishing and distribution industry, in addition to its activity in the Arab publishing industry. Since then, Akdem Copyrights and Translation Agency has been active in promoting Turkish literary works for the foreign readers to enjoy. The agency aims to promote the publication of many of the wonderful Turkish literary works, in order to initiate the better opportunity for foreign nations to have a closer contact with the Turkish literature and the world. In order to provide the necessary relations for the right publishing house to publish the right book, Akdem Copyrights and Translation Agency aims to become the bridge between foreign publishers and Turkish publishing houses, and to become the representative of foreign publishers in Turkey and worldwide.

Already having the experience of working with professional Turkish-Arabic translators that have great expertise in the works they do, currently, Akdem Agency employs more than forty highly proficient translators, whom use their mother tongue as their target language. As requested, we are proud to announce that Akdem Agency adds new languages, such as English, Korean, Spanish and French, to its services with each passing day.

Being an important milestone in the publishing industry of the country, Akdem Copyrights and Translation Agency is here to offer its services to the whole wide world, always aiming forward and adding new services to its expertise to introduce Turkish literature to world citizens and Turkish readers to reach the proficient works of world literature.